Testimonials Pave Your Way™
Stuck in a rut? Wheels spinning but going nowhere at work? Then trust me, Nina will help you! In January, I had no vision or motivation. In February, I started working with Nina. She helped me dig deep and be honest with myself. She helped me where I was holding myself back and how to re-ignite my passion. She gave me the tools to ask for what I want, so that both the company & I are happy.

Wondering, is it worth it? It is! The promotion I received in October more than paid for the sessions with Nina. But the true benefits come from being so much happier at work and having the tools to keep me moving forward.
— Autumn Wesson / Corporate Executive / Broomfield, CO
Nina Cashman is truly gifted. Everyone has the capacity to see the good in others, but it takes talent to help others see the good in themselves. Nina is genuine and emanates a warmth that immediately makes you feel as though you’ve been best friends for years. After your consultation, you’ll feel an internal certainty of her talent and passion for understanding people. Her approach to coaching is encouraging and supportive, rather than prescriptive and pragmatic. She is your personal growth and development wingman, both guiding and following you on your journey. Whatever you feel you need to work through or realize, Nina will get you there by helping you get yourself there.

She helped me understand insecurities and negative thought patterns that were holding me back. After every session, I felt as though I’d lifted a huge rock, uncovering a shiny new layer of myself.

As an entrepreneur, Nina helped me embrace the confidence and charisma needed to be successful. I am confident that whatever your goals and needs, Nina will get you there. Warning, her positive attitude is contagious! You’ll probably be glowing after your sessions.

I couldn’t be happier with my experience and recommend Nina to the highest degree someone can be recommended.
— Becca McGovern / Entrepreneur / San Francisco, CA

Nina blew away all of my expectations. I had no idea how useful and important the kind of work she did with me could be. Total life-changer. Her coaching was practical and powerful. She keyed in on all the right signals, helped me dig down to the really big blockers in my life, and showed me how to take control of who I am in the world. And she did all this from a deeply compassionate and centered place in herself. I admire Nina. She’s an incredible force for good who, if you’re fortunate to know her, will steer you towards the path you’ve always wanted to walk down.
— Augustine Bralley / Entrepreneur / San Francisco, CA

Nina has an amazing way of cheering you on while also giving you the kick in the ass that you need to make things happen. I was at a crossroads in my career and needed some concrete guidance on how to proceed with a number of big decisions. Nina coached me through what seemed like overwhelming obstacles while also leaving the overall choices in my hands. Was it easy? Definitely not. But do I have a plethora of tools to work with when more obstacles arise? You better believe it. I would recommend Nina to anyone who needs to get out of their own way and make big things happen in their career path.
— Meredith Noyes / Chief Creative Officer / Manchester, NH

Within minutes of my first conversation with Nina, I knew she was a truly gifted coach who would hold space for me and guide me through a major change in my life. Part of me was ready for this transformation. Yet, I was blocked and full of negative energy and limiting beliefs. I was stuck...personally and professionally. During each session with Nina, I was amazed at how quickly I was able to let go of these thoughts and beliefs that had been holding me back for years. She helped me take on new perspectives that were filled with positive energy. My time with Nina became the hour I most looked forward to each week. After each session I felt hopeful, light, motivated and ready to charge forward to the next step. The tools she uses to support her coaching are enlightening by themselves and incredibly powerful with the support of Nina’s intuitive feedback. Her business sense was also very important in helping me navigate my next steps.

Nina’s style is calm, supportive and inviting, like your best friend. She’s also pragmatic. I valued her ability to ask the exact right question at the right time. Ultimately, she helped to hold me accountable and helped me feel like I could take on the world. And so I did!
— Carol Pfeiffer / Business Owner, HR Consultant / Denver, CO

Nina’s coaching sessions have been invaluable to me. In the past, a distorted self-image prevented me from identifying areas that warranted improvement - a major stumbling block in my leadership growth and development. Along the way there have been surprising (and sometimes painful) personal realizations, but Nina’s mentoring continues to make me a better person every day, both at work and at home. Nina did not hesitate to tactfully, but directly point out areas that needed to be considered a different way, and proved to be right 100% of the time with her observations and suggestions.

I would recommend Nina for her ability to probe for what is really important, her ability to listen carefully and then provide suggestions for actions that were apparent but only became very clear after discussions with Nina and for her ability to stay focused on what is most important.
— Chris / Corporate Professional / Denver, CO

I had the good fortune to work with Nina Cashman at a time when several life events came together to create the perfect storm that stopped me dead in my tracks. As a coach myself, I knew I needed help. As a skilled coach, Nina facilitated the release of limiting beliefs and feelings, helped me shift perspectives and helped me let go of that which was keeping me stuck. In doing so, Nina helped me unleash my potential and move forward. Nina is compassionate, caring, creative, very intuitive and an amazing partner in getting you where you want to be.
— Lynette Reiling / Retirement Coach / Aurora, CO

As a business owner, I appreciated the exercises in Nina’s workshop that allowed us to focus our employee strengths into a vision for the company. It was a great way to allow us to see how we all contribute to the lager vision! As a manager, I definitely now have a better understanding of each team member and am already aligning to leverage their strengths. Thank you for this amazing workshop!
— Rennetta Nikolic / Business Owner / Denver, CO

My coaching session with Nina was instrumental in restoring my confidence. She gave me the space to acknowledge the emotions I was feeling and fully express the struggles I was facing. She asked very insightful questions and fully listened to my responses, gently guiding me to uncover the underlying issues and helped me to discover what matters most to me in life. In just a short amount of time, Nina made me feel extremely comfortable to open up and I am eager to probe deeper to learn even more about myself and the journey I want to be on. I would highly recommend Nina as a career and life coach.
— Erica / Corporate Professional / Denver, CO

Nina’s guidance has helped me through the most challenging year for me - both professionally and personally. Through a series of candid conversations, she was able to help me understand the root cause of my challenges, and provided me with tools to develop solutions. She provided new perspectives that I wouldn’t have been able to see on my own.

As a result of her guidance, I am a much stronger person in every aspect of life. I am a better mother and spouse at home, and I am a much more confident and effective leader at the office.
— Stacey / Corporate Professional / Denver, CO

I approached Nina after feeling generally dissatisfied, and without any explanation as to why. I worked with Nina for multiple sessions and found the experience one of the most worthwhile things I’ve ever done. She helped me unearth a lot of stuff that was not serving me, yet still played a huge role in my daily life. After unearthing all that stuff, I feel like she helped me plant some new seeds.

Where I was once lacking energy, I now feel I’m building on vast amounts of energy with a new approach to daily life. Now I feel my goals are more sharply focused and worthy. I also keep drawing back on our sessions, retrieving simple mental cues to help me through situations that, in the past, would have had me uneasy, pissed off, or stagnating.

Working with Nina was nothing short of life changing and I recommend her coaching services to anyone who wants to take it to the next level (or five levels). Thanks Nina!
— Jeff Carson / Author / Castle Rock, CO

Working with Nina was a truly eye opening experience for me. I was referred to her by a few of her clients, and I’ll admit, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect going into our coaching sessions. But the insight, perspective and awareness I gained by working with her are invaluable in both my personal and professional life.

I was challenged to identify my gremlins and fears, and address both while learning to focus on MY wants, needs and opportunities. She quickly clued into areas I disregarded, helped me deal with them and guided me toward uncovering the truth within myself.
— Kalli Skov / Marketing Executive / Denver, CO

Working with Nina didn’t just help me address an immediate need - it also helped me develop long term solutions for how I manage stress and recognize negative energy. Nina partnered with me to transition into a new career by helping me recognize and understand my own internally set road-blocks, as well as how to move around them. How my own ego and insecurity get in my way, and how to learn to be patiently present and open to opportunities.

Nina is a great combination of tough love and nurture. Nina’s business perspective doesn’t let her clients segment how they show up at work from how they show up at home. It’s one and the same, and how we show up at work can be career-limiting but often, the same behavior effects home life too. She does a great job of getting her clients to hold a mirror up to their behavior, as well as hold them accountable for their triggers and how they react.
— Ally Dodge / Marketing Executive / Denver, CO

Each of Nina’s coaching sessions gives you a new outlook and peace of mind in a way that I never knew was possible through other forms of counseling I have received. Nina is great at probing for the important questions in a casual way that makes you feel you are just having a good conversation with a close friend, and with results far beyond what you could imagine. She has an amazing talent for bringing out the best in people and giving them the tools to adjust their way of thinking and/or their interactions to better their life.
— Tracy / Corporate Professional / Denver, CO