Partner . Shifter . Manifestor . Believer . Paver .


Nina Cashman: CPC (iPEC), PCC (ICF) / Energy Leadership Index  Master Practitioner (IPEC)

With over 17 years of marketing experience on both the agency and client side, I've been building successful products and brands for national companies throughout my career.  I believe that the most important brand you can build is your own.  This requires full awareness of personal values and acceptance of current capabilities, as well as a sincere belief that anything is possible. Whether corporate brands or personal brands, the most successful brands are created by people who pave their own unique paths and listen to their own hearts above anything else. 

As the former Director of Corporate Marketing for a publicly traded travel & leisure company, I came to the realization that my greatest successes extended far beyond driving consistent double digit growth for the brands I managed.  My biggest accomplishment was witnessing the growth, connection, collaboration, and achievement that transpired when my team felt fully empowered to perform at their best.  We all have a "best" and there's nothing greater than seeing a person step into it and operate from it.

Recognizing my true passion to build people over products, I left corporate marketing in October of 2014 to pursue my passion.  Now I'm paving my own path as a professional coach who specializes in career growth and development, leadership, team building, and individual branding. I'm PCC certified by the International Coaching Federation and I'm also an active trainer and workshop facilitator for iPec (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). And, it goes without saying that I am a self proclaimed paver who firmly believes that you can accomplish anything if you develop your own self supportive belief system.