Energy Leadership Debrief


Energy Leadership Debrief

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Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Debrief Session -- includes written report and one 1.5 hour coaching session based on ELI results.

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What is the Energy Leadership Index Assessment?

ELI assessment measures where individuals tend to operate from day-to-day, as well as during times of stress. By understanding default energy levels, people can begin to develop strategies for making shifts for any given situation, including financial circumstances. Since thoughts lead to feelings that lead to actions and results, ELI is a useful tool to influence life’s outcomes, simply by recognizing default energy zones and the triggers behind them.

Sign-up now to gain access to the online assessment and get your personalized report. Once you take the online assessment, Nina will schedule an individual 1.5 hour debrief session with you. The purpose of the session will be to review your results and learn about triggers and shift opportunities to apply within your career and life, starting now.

Here's a snapshot of the 7 Energy Levels and how they relate to Money:

Level 1: Scarcity / I am losing

Level 2: Greed / I win, you lose

Level 3: Control / I win, but I hope you win too

Level 4: Charity / You win

Level 5: Opportunity / We all win

Level 6: Money is shared by all - abundance / We always win

Level 7: Money is just paper - an illusion / Winning and losing is an illusion