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Jeni Rulon

CPC (iPEC), ACC (ICF), Energy Leadership, Index Master Practitioner (iPEC)

My vision is a world where people are discovering their best selves, realizing their dreams and experiencing joy! I collaborate with dynamic teams and passionate professionals, in a non-judgmental, holistic and mindful approach.

Prior to my current role of Coach and Trainer, my professional journey included working in both the private and public sector in a variety of senior management and director roles. Looking back over each role, I have found that my greatest triumph moved way beyond my track record of significantly increasing growth, strategy, and or managing projects. My proudest accolade was my ability to successfully connect, lead, and collaborate with teams and individuals that were committed to dreaming, believing, growing, and connecting!  

Given my passion around growth and connection, it makes perfect sense that I am now a catalyst for exactly this. In addition to being a Certified Coach, I am a Trainer for the State of Colorado. In both roles, I specialize in leadership, emotional intelligence, culture, team dynamics, and mindfulness.  When your dreams and beliefs are in alignment with your authentic self, you are unstoppable. There is power in dreaming and believing…dream and believe with conviction!