Jen Thurman

CPC (iPEC), ACC (ICF), Energy Leadership, Index Master Practitioner (iPEC), 4 Teams Zones Certified (Trispective Group)

I partner with senior leaders and their teams who want to evolve–to have meaningful impact in their organizations, their industries and in the world.

I believe that every leader is more than they believe they are – and tapping into that ‘more’ creates miracles. With an innate gift for simplifying the complex, I adapt quickly to the nuances of individual circumstances. I help my clients transcend the confines of those circumstances to gain a fuller awareness of their purpose, values, and gifts. I help my clients uncover and shift the internal blocks that are holding them back so they can approach work, relationships, and wellbeing in a new way.  

From the very beginning of my corporate career, I’ve been the simple, straightforward voice of curiosity and reason–unafraid to question the status quo or to point out the obvious. That commitment to authentic, empathetic questioning is the key to building relationships and trust – which are the foundation for positive change.   

I’ve held leadership positions in companies across many different industries. I have a B.A. in Environmental Studies, an M.A. in English Literature, an ACC, ICF Certification, and a 4 Teams Zones facilitation certification.