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Dave Roberts

CPC (iPEC), Energy Leadership, Index Master Practitioner (iPEC)

Whether your goal is to grow your company, your employees or yourself, at some point you need to look inside. There are usually more questions than answers: who am I, what do I want, why am I doing this or how am I going to make this happen?

The journey involves confronting painful truths and understanding unconscious patterns that shape how you think and behave or which block your energy and keep you stuck. My role as a coach is to be your guide on this journey. To help you envision a future that invokes passion, to create a plan that drives focus and accountability and to gain the traction you need to realize your potential. You bring the chaos, I’ll provide the structure.

As a former management consultant, I have witnessed business transformation at its best and worst. Whether it’s a multinational corporation needing to restructure its operations or an entrepreneur trying to build a scalable business, success has rarely come from providing my clients with expert advice. Rather it has come from providing leaders with the tools and support they need to find the answers to the toughest questions they need to ask. As your guide this will be my commitment.