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Nina's Indie Branding Philosophy

What’s Indie Branding? As with any successful consumer brand, an indie brand is grown from a creative vision and a true belief that it’s possible to turn your visions into realities. Indie brands are built when a person can realistically assess their own situation and identify their own key strengths, weaknesses, challenges, opportunities and core values. This sort of self assessment takes an enormous amount of courage and self-awareness. Once a person assesses where they currently are with honesty and clarity, they can more easily identify the tools they’ll need to move forward with vigor. Get ready to dig deep!

leadership development for executives

6 - 12 MONTH RETAINERS: Includes customized Individual Development Plans / 360 Review Feedback / Manager, Direct Report & Peer Interviews / Energy Leadership Index Assessment & Debrief / Bi-Weekly or Monthly 1:1 Sessions / Intermittent Check-In Calls / Unlimited Emails. 

career growth and career transition

12 SESSION PROGRAM: Includes twelve 1-hour sessions dedicated to three distinct categories: 1) WHO you are, 2) HOW you show-up, and 3) WHAT you want / Energy Leadership Assessment & Debrief / Detailed Session Follow-ups & Inspiration Doses.

team and culture building

1/2 DAY, FULL DAY & MULTI-DAY WORKSHOPS: Ready-made topics include -- "Leadership, Culture & Energy" / "Creating Successful Outcomes by Challenging Limited Thinking" / "What's Blocking You From Success?" / "Strategies To Reframe Challenges Into Opportunities" / "What Is Energy Leadership?" / "How Taking Things Less Personally Feeds Creativity" / "Expansive Communications Strategies" / "Visioneering and Team Goal Planning" / "Inspirational Individual Development Planning" / "Building on Team Strengths" / Customized programs are also built based on clients' specific objectives.

Assessment Certifications

Individual and 360 assessments that measure attitudes in terms of energy (Energy Leadership Index) and emotional intelligence (EQ-i 2.0), as well as team assessments that identify overall team strengths, struggles and development opportunities (TESI 2.0). Click on the logos to the left to learn more about each assessment.