Meet Paver Kalia Garrido, Founder of Skylarq Media

Meet Kalia Garrido, Founder of Skylarq Media, a digital strategy agency that specializes in web design / development, user experience, inbound marketing and ongoing digital brand maintenance. If you or someone you know is looking to build, enhance or increase its company’s online presence, the crew at Skylarq are the people to call. Skylarq will deliver on all of your digital needs with a ton of real-world experience and know-how.

Kalia founded Skylarq a little less than a year ago after deciding to leave her reliable corporate gig at a well-known, publicly-traded company. With Kalia’s innate entrepreneurial spirit, work ethic and enthusiasm, it’s no wonder that she mustered her courage and talents to take a big leap and start her own digital agency. Goodbye steady paychecks, benefits and promotions and hello new found successes, happy clients and relief that her leap was the next necessary step to unlocking her true potential.

It’s no doubt that the universe always matches with equal levels of opportunity and enthusiasm to a person’s willingness to deliver her passions. This is certainly the case with Kalia’s pursuit of introducing Skylarq to the world. Within just a couple months of opening its doors for business, Skylarq Media already had a handful of clients seeking its digital expertise and quality of implementation – a confirmation that Kalia’s “scary” jump was a very smart move!

I’ve personally worked with Kalia in other capacities on digital projects of all sizes, and if there’s one thing that is consistent about her across the board, it’s her laser focus to get the job done with hyper-attention and enthusiasm. And, wow, does personality go a long way in the digital space these days! While there are a lot of capable web developers out there, it seems that few know how to communicate processes, results and recommendations with the same level of knowledge and clarity as Kalia.

Kalia is not only gifted at client communications, she’s also fully knowledgeable about the realities of what’s involved with all of the work she proposes. This is also a very unique quality within the digital space, where so many shops often talk a big game without a complete understanding of the implementation they are proposing. Or, they are great at implementing, while falling short of communicating the best courses of action for their clients.

So, how does Kalia Garrido Pave Her Way? Check-out his video to find out.

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Nina / Founder & Coach / Pave Your Way

Calling All Pavers...

Pavers are people with vision beyond what’s currently in front of them. They have the courage to lay the foundation to get wherever they want to go and believe in their natural abilities to get there.

Pavers believe in their highest potential and have full trust in the idea that they can accomplish whatever they want, regardless of what others say. Pavers are open to new challenges and embrace every situation as a learning opportunity. They are more free from fear because they know a new learning opportunity resides within each risk and every failure.

Pavers are willing to speak from their hearts and own their seats at the table. They speak-up when they have something meaningful to say and listen when others direct meaning their way.

Pavers have full trust in their own intuition and allow their spirit, courage and determination to guide them. They are willing to put forth the effort to expand their self-awareness and pave their own paths… for themselves and by themselves.

Are you ready to pave?

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.
— Plato

More Stories of Pavers...


Meet Carlo Kriekels, Co-founder and Executive Director of the YESS Institute, a premiere non-profit agency serving Denver Public Schools to close the achievement gap through training students in peer mentorship and school engagement programs.

Carlo’s passion for supporting and cultivating the success of youth within the Denver Public School system is not only infectious, it runs incredibly deep. If you talk with Carlo about what compelled his life’s mission to serve youth, he’ll tell you about his 18-month long motorbike trip of 35,000 miles throughout Latin America back in the early 90’s. Witnessing the social injustices of failing education amongst underprivileged populations, Carlo formed what he calls his “Compass For Caring” about the cause for improving the lives of children.

After intense training and leadership workshop facilitation of Emotional Intelligence with business leaders all over Brussels, Netherlands, UK and the United States, Carlo made the leap to co-found the YESS Institute in 2001, in order to deliver his skills and commitment of driving success within a population that deserves it most – Denver’s local youth.

Today, the YESS Institute is known for its inclusive and comprehensive peer mentoring model, which turns failing freshman into successful High School graduates.

Carlo is an incredibly inspiring individual. He is a very special paver because he not only perceived a vision and rallied himself and others to go for it, he has also committed his time, energy and attention to a cause that greatly benefits others.

When you point this out to Carlo, he’ll tell you that while his “Compass For Caring” may seem like it comes from a selfless place, it actually fulfills him quite selfishly because he gets to manifest what he cares about most, each-and-every day. “We all have a motorbike story,” he says, and when we tap into it, we have the privilege of delivering greatness to others, while also keeping ourselves fulfilled.

So, how does Carlo Kriekles Pave His Way? Check-out his video to find out.

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Meet Paver Mark Woolcott, Founder of Mark Woolcott Photography

Mark Woolcott is an exceptional photographer and founder of Mark Woolcott Photography, comprised of a team made up of video / image editors, producers, assistants and shooters who are dedicated to capturing images that tell stories, inspire and ring true. Honest collaboration and open communication allow Mark to accomplish satisfied clients, time and time again.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Mark on both a personal and professional level. He is never short of great ideas and shoot locations that will capture the genuine essence of who you are, and what you want your brand to portray. In fact, all of the images of me on my website (see my homepage and bio.) were captured by Mark.

I always laugh when people ask me if the mountain backdrop on my homepage was superimposed. It just looks too darn good to be true! The backdrop is as real as it gets, and it was suggested and scouted by Mark Woolcott, who sought after the perfect setting to communicate my Pave Your Way message. Capturing that shot just required me, Mark and his crew to run back and forth with a stool in the middle of an old country highway, in order to avoid the sporadic passing of vehicles : ).

Working with Mark is so refreshing. Not only does he offer creative perspectives and a gifted willingness to collaborate, he works very hard to ensure that his end product meets the highest standards. Plus, with his awesome sense of humor and contagious laughter, shooting with Mark is always a ton of fun!

So, how does Mark Woolcott Pave His Way? Check-out his video to find out.

And, stay tuned for more stories of Pavers to come…



Meet Paver Amy Brady, Founder of StandUp

Amy Brady is an inspirational coach, trainer and speaker, who is also the founder of StandUp, an organization rooted within the principle that when people are given the tools to more powerfully connect with themselves, their organizations and their communities, they will unleash untapped potential and a myriad of possibilities.

I met Amy a few years back when we were both students during our coach training program. Even then, Amy’s calm drive, focus and compassion was abundantly clear to me. Not surprisingly, Amy has dedicated herself to building a thriving coaching practice, which works primarily with youth-serving organizations, public & private education and non-profit entities.

It’s amazing to see what Amy has done with her coaching credentials. She emits a genuine passion when she talks about her work, and expresses a sincere dedication to infuse good into our communities. With complete grace and humility, Amy has a burning fire deep within her that is not only contagious, but unstoppable.

So, how does Amy Brady Pave Her Way? Check-out her video to find out.

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Meet Paver Susannah Campora, Founder of Real Life Book Club

Meet life coach and Paver Susannah Campora, who is the creator and founder of Real Life Book Club, an in-person and online community that fosters personal growth and inspires women to be empowered, and to take REAL action and make deeper connections in our real everyday lives.

Since it’s conception just a little over a year ago, Real Life Book club has gone from a small gathering of Denver women who simply connected over Danielle Laporte’s powerful read, The Desire Map, to an expanding community of women that is taking Denver and other cities by storm. Now with over 7 physical locations, led by 10 inspiring leaders, Real Life Book club is a healthy addiction for woman everywhere, who are interested in dedicating time and energy to their own emotional growth and self care.

Learn more about Real Life Book Club at, or attend an upcoming Real Life Social event to meet Susannah and other fearless leaders around town for some great live discussion and in-person networking.

So, what’s Susannah’s latest vision? In order to keep her Real Life Book Club community and experience affordable, effective, efficient and easy, Susannah has launched an Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign to raise money to build a power website that will expand her ability to create a thriving community that inspires change and provides a safe place for people to grow and expand, all over the world! Learn more about how you can support Susannah with her vision here.

As a fellow coach and paver, I have an enormous amount of respect for Susannah’s drive to turn her biggest dreams into realities. It’s one thing to conjure a brilliant plan, and a whole other thing to take the necessary steps to activate it. Susannah not only has the creativity and expansiveness to think BIG – she also has the courage to connect her plan with the world, so that we can all benefit from her efforts. All I can say is… go Susannah, GO!

 So, how does Susannah Campora Pave Her Way? Check-out her video to find out.

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Meet author and Paver Jeff Carson, who is the writer behind the mystery and thriller series starring David Wolf, a Colorado cop with a good heart and equally good fists. Jeff always dreamed about becoming a writer and began to put his fingers to keyboard back in 2012, during a thirteen-month stint living in a small town in northern Italy with his wife and eldest son.

In December of 2012, Jeff published his first novel, Foreign Deceit. I remember reading this entire book on a single return flight from Istanbul. To say it was a page-turner is a complete understatement – I simply couldn’t put it down! I distinctly remember power reading throughout the entire flight, while everyone else took their standard naps that most people require during overseas trips.

Since his first novel, Jeff has been writing with a vengeance and accumulating a substantial fan base throughout the process. Only three years after he first hit the “publish button,” Jeff is about to hit “publish” again for his sixth novel, Smoked Out, which will be available on within the next few weeks! 

Jeff is an amazing example of someone who created his own career story from a place of pure passion and belief in his own capabilities as a writer. While Jeff initially entered the writing scene, seemingly out of nowhere, he is now a legitimate author whose action-packed and adventurous novels are widely sought-out and read by thousands of people around the world.

I am so impressed with Jeff’s courage and determination to cultivate his natural gifts to help people escape through his writings. Instead of sitting around and rationalizing the “what ifs” of potential successes or failures, or questioning his abilities to make it as a writer, Jeff simply sat down and got started. And, just look where he is now.

So, how does Jeff Carson Pave His Way? Check-out his video to find out.

 And, stay tuned for more stories of Pavers to come…




Paver, Amy Kemp, is the Founder and Principal of Mountaintop Media –, which specializes in public relations, social media, and content strategy through powerful storytelling.

As a gifted collaborator, Amy yearned to build a connected business community in the mountains of Colorado, where entrepreneurs, small business owners and traveling professionals alike could inspire and motivate each other.

Recognizing a clear opportunity to build a collaborative co-working location in the high country, Amy teamed up with business partners Julia Landon of Bun In The Oven High Nutrient Bakery and Wendy Basey, owner of Claytronics, Inc. to open Elevate CoSpace –, the only coworking space in Summit County, Colorado, which is located just minutes from the world-class ski resorts of Vail, Breckenridge, Copper Mountain and Keystone.

Rather than sitting back and waiting for people to respond to her needs, Amy conspired to turn her ideas into realities. She continuously amazes me with her ability to overcome obstacles, develop her passions and share her gifts and talents with the world. She does all of this from a place of grace, openness and professionalism.

So, how does Amy Pave Her Way? Check-out her video to find out.

And, stay tuned for more stories of Pavers to come…



Paver Scott Kinnamon of  Skew media

Music by a live improvisation with Cellar Door with Scott Kinnamon.

Paver, Scott Kinnamon, is the owner and founder of Skew Media - Skew Media is dedicated to illuminating the power of story in our lives.

Scott is also the first person I chose to be a part of my series on Pavers. Why? For one, he is dedicated to the idea that our stories make up who we are and how we perceive the world. In fact, it's pretty hard to miss the word "STORY" that is literally tattooed on Scott's left wrist.

I am fascinated by Scott's passion to "engage and partner with people in a way that helps bring them into the deep end," using the art of story and film to bring it all to life.

As an educator, Scott has been conducting film workshops for teens, ages 12 - 17, for many years now. It is unbelievable how he is able to partner with these teens to create and produce stories that are true masterpieces of emotion, philosophy and existential thinking. 

I would definitely encourage anyone to visit the portfolio page of Scott's website to view some of these amazing teen film narratives for yourself. Some of these films will have you laughing or sobbing, and all of them will spark your curiousity and thinking.

According to Scott, "so many adults are afraid of teenagers," yet they are more willing to wrestle with the big issues in life "in a big way." They have so much story to tell and Scott collaborates with them to bring these stories to light.

So, how did Scott pave his way? Watch this video to find out.

And, stay tuned for more stories of pavers to come…



p.s. - HUGE thanks for the music from a live improvisation by Cellar Door with Scott Kinnamon!